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Jeff and Nicole Essink have been part of the Farrell’s family since 2007.

Jeff and Nicole become Nebraska ownersNicole completed her first 10-week challenge in March 2007 at our Farrell’s S. Ankeny location and Jeff completed his in January 2008 at Farrell’s Altoona.

They both fell in love with the Farrell’s program and community immediately. Upon completing her 10-week session, Nicole moved to the new Farrell’s Altoona location in June 2007 and began instructing and coaching. Jeff also began instructing and coaching upon completion of his 10-week session.

In 2011, Nicole took on the position of head coach/manager at Farrell’s Altoona and held that position for two and a half years until they decided in 2013 to purchase the location and become a part of the Farrell’s franchise family!

“Farrell’s changed and saved our lives, both physically and mentally. We wanted to take what we had learned and help others to change their lives,” Nicole said.

Jeff and Nicole owned and grew the Farrell’s Altoona community from 2013 until February 2018 when the opportunity arose for them to take ownership of our two Lincoln, Nebraska locations.

Jeff said, “Moving to Lincoln is a dream come true for us. In 2009, when we approached Lance Farrell about opening a location, Lincoln is where we wanted to go. I was born in Nebraska and we are huge Nebraska fans. Much of my family is still in the Lincoln area so it will be nice to continue to build the Farrell’s community in my hometown!”

Jeff and Nicole recently remodeled both Lincoln locations and are excited to introduce members, new and old, back into the Farrell’s program. For more information about Farrell’s Lincoln, you can visit their websites.

Lincoln (Jamie Ln.) website

Lincoln (Lucile Dr.) website

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